Bring people together to celebrate your special someone.

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Living far apart from friends and family is a fact of life today.
Our personal connections are often strained by distance.
It is difficult to express our emotions, even when we are face-to-face.
Sometimes people don't know how much we care.
Life moves pretty fast, and we are all very busy.
If we don't stop to celebrate, we miss memorable experiences.
These challenges can be difficult to overcome.
But we are motivated to help.
Because we all need love and belonging.
It makes us human.
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We want to celebrate connections to friends and family.
Giving affection is essential for recognition, intimacy, and trust.
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People give and receive gifts to celebrate milestones like birthdays.
Gifts help us express our appreciation and gratitude.
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Gift giving improves our quality of life:
  1. Feel more positive emotions
  2. Relish good experiences
  3. Improve our health
  4. Deal with adversity
  5. Build strong relationships
* The best part: This is true for givers and receivers!
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But there are so many gift options.
How can you choose one? It's not easy.
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Did you know that 28% of gifts are returned in the US?
And retailers throw away about 40% of the returned gifts.
The result is over $9 billion wasted each year on bad gifts.
Worse: A bad gift can hurt a relationship.
People who receive bad gifts feel misunderstood, and unappreciated.
How to give a bad gift*:
  1. Don't make it special
  2. Forget a personal message
  3. Make it about things, instead of feelings
  4. Give a useless gift the receiver cannot enjoy
  5. Give something the giver would like, instead of the receiver

* Don't do this.
Can you give special gifts?
Special gifts are simple:
  1. Special gifts emphasize a personal connection between givers and receivers.
  2. Special gifts help givers express their feelings in a meaningful way.
  3. Special gifts help to create a memorable experience.
And gift giving is changing:
  • Gift giving is happening online.
  • Personalized gifts are growing in popularity.
  • Givers want to share experiences, not just things.
  • Digital media and the internet create new opportunities.
So we asked ourselves this question:
"What if we made a new kind of special gift today?"
❤️ + 🎁 + 👩‍💻 = ?
Could we make a special gift?
  • A gift that helps you express your feelings?
  • A gift that emphasizes your personal connections?
  • A gift that is meaningful for both the givers and receivers?
🌈 ✨
That is our goal, our target, our aim... our dream ☁️ ...
But how can we achieve it?
☁ ⟶ 🎯 ❓
We took a people-first approach to design a new kind of gift.
A special gift for your special someone.
We named it GroupHug
We invite you to see a special demonstration.
Click here for a GroupHug demo
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